Wild Black Tourmaline

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You will receive 1 Wild Smoky Quartz

Each stone is unique and different in size, shape and pattern. You will receive one of the stones pictured OR  a stone similar to it in shape, size and pattern. 

4 Corners/ Room Protection- You will receive four xs stones. Each stone is approx. 15mmx 15mm
Small - Each stone is approx. 25mm x 25mm (1-1.5inches)
Medium- Each stone is approx. 40mm x 40-50mm
LargeEach stone is approx. 65-85mm x 40-50mm
X-LargeEach stone is approx. 90-125mm x 40-50mm

These GORGEOUS inky black logs from Brazil, some encrusted with bits of quartz and selenite, are perfect to create a grounded and protected foundation so that you can feel safe to play, be vulnerable, and let your soul sing.

Black tourmaline counters any and all anxiety or ruminating, protects from EMFs, and restores and builds big-time confidence.

If you are on a spiritual or healing journey (and who isn’t?!), feeling grounded and protected is fundamental, and it’s where black tourmaline shines. If you ever feel lost, anxious, unmotivated, or disconnected to the bigness of yourself, put this stone next to your bed and feel that transform - with a quickness!

I have always kept black tourmaline in each corner of my sacred work space for protection, and to keep my energy clean and strong. I even placed pieces in the corners of my son’s dorm room when he moved away to school! (And yes, he was totally on board lol).

Imagine it as an invisible cloak of protection - this stone will ensure you are never left naked or exposed to energy vampires and psychic attacks. It helps you build beautiful boundaries, and with that protection in place, you can move through the world without feeling consumed by the need to ‘watch our back’. You can be more loving and open, because you will feel anchored and protected no matter what.

Each is hand curated and absolutely unique, and we have a very limited number of these gorgeous beings. If they’re calling to you, don’t wait - once they’re gone, they’re gone!

I am continually mesmerized and delighted by their beautiful energy, and I know you will be too.