Larimar Stone Medium (AAA)

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1 medium rough Larimar stone (approx. length: 1.25 inch - 1.75 inch  thickness: 1 cm -1.25cm)

Each stone is unique and different in size, shape and pattern. 

You will receive one of the exact stones pictured. 

About Larimar: 

Larimar is psychic. She is clarity. She is creativity. She is your home. She is the Goddess. She is the Divine Feminine.

Larimer is incredibly rare - found only in the Dominican Republic. The gorgeous translucent blue stone with white veins embodies sunlight reflecting off the Caribbean island’s turquoise water. Each stone has her own pattern and her own magnificent personality.

Whenever you hold one of these beauties in your hand, you will be transported to the tranquility, magic and healing of an island escape.

The stone is considered to be a good luck charm, and hold the magic of the lost civilization of Atlantis and the wisdom of the dolphins. She is known also as the Dolphin stone and the Atlantis stone for this reason.