Polished Pocket & Mandala Stones [7 OPTIONS]

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Vial options: 

  1. Cinnamon Hessonite (orange) 
  2. Pyrite (silver)
  3. Emerald (green)
  4. Lapis (blue) *
  5. Amber (dark orange) * 
  6. Moonstone (iridescent) * 
  7. Fire Opal (orange & white)

*The lapis, moonstone and amber vials contain polished stones

Scroll down to learn about each of the stones. 

Each vial contains rough "chip" size stones. Stones are less than 1 centimeters long. The amount of stones per vial vary.

The vials will not be completely full of stones. They may be 1/4 full, 1/2 full etc. The amount of stones in each vial varies based on stone type. See pictures. 

Each vial is 2.5inches tall. And 1.5cm wide. 

Cinnamon Hessonite
Known as the cinnamon stone for its beautiful orange color, hessonite garnet is considered to be a talisman for abundance. According to ancient Indian mystics, holding these lovely stones bring happiness and longevity - not to mention success in business and prosperity. It can also make your goals in life clearer to you. The stone open a powerful portal to your creativity, especially if you don’t think you’re creative. If you want to be seen and appreciated, the Hessonite vial is for you.

Glittery and eye-catching, ancient Incas used pyrite to enhance meditation and divination. Considered to a powerful protection stone, pyrite is said to shield and repel all forms of negative energy, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. It also allows you to see beyond the facade and determine what lies underneath or behind what is visible. The bling of the Pyrite vial can bring bling into your life - success, enthusiasm, and riches.

According to legend, an emerald was one of the stones bestowed by god onto King Solomon—which gave the king with power over all creation. Incas used them in both their jewelry and religious ceremonies. Aristotle described it as the stone that brings victory and helps one succeed in his chosen vocation. In Europe and Asia, it was believed that placing an emerald under the tongue could help you to see the future, reveal truths, and be protected from evil spells. Emerald is also an activator of the heart chakra It helps you stay centered in your heart's wisdom, and make choices from love and compassion. The Emerald vial heals you from heartbreak and opens your heart to receiving the flow of universal abundance available to us all.

Lapis Lazuli
Said to be the starry sky shrunken down into a precious gem, this vivid blue stone has a rich history. Associated with royalty and power - from pharaohs, queens, goddesses, and high priests - it was one of the mostly highly regarded stone of the ancients. In Islam, it was chosen to be a protector from the evil eye. In Buddhism, it was considered a special vehicle to pave the way to inner peace. Michelangelo used it to pave the Sistine Chapel. Lapis Lazuli reveals deep inner truth, allows you to easily and confidently be your authentic self, and shows you your own power and magic. The Lapis Lazuli vial is all about raising your vibration in a big way.

This healing talisman is actually a form of fossilized tree resin, so it holds the beauty of a precious gem and the wisdom and strength of an ancient tree. This luminous stone is said to be cleansing and renewing and helps you reconnect to your inner light. The oldest piece of amber is 320 million years old! In Asia, amber is called the Soul of the Tiger and invites courage and power. To others, it is considered an invitation for great good luck. If you want to bring the soul-stirring warmth of the sun along with the ancient wisdom of the green world into your life, the Amber vial is for you.

Filled with light beams, milky sheen, and irridecence, moon stone embodies the divine feminine energy of the moon. She will guide your way in the darkness and reflect light and magic into your life. Moonstone will lovingly help you adjust to and accept changes in your life and help transitions go more smoothly. In India, moonstone has a history as a tool of divine wisdom and clairvoyance. In Ancient Rome, this stone was considered a talisman that invited blessings of fortune and love from the goddess Diana. To enhance your psychic abilities and psychic protection and find harmony in any situation, spend time with your Moonstone vial.

Fire Opal
Filled with thousands of shimmery colors and dancing with the fire, the fire opal have been described as a fallen star in physical form. Fire opals in particular are thought to be medicine for the sacral chakra. If you want to ignite or invite passion into your life or boost libido, place fire opal next to or even under your bed. It’s even considered to enhance fertility. Part of the fire opal’s medicine is that it can renew hope and kickstart your sense of wellbeing, luck, and attraction. If you want a boost of love, desire, opulence or adventure, your Fire Opal vial awaits.