Wild Pink Tourmaline Clusters

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You will receive 1 Wild Pink Tourmaline Cluster. 

Each stone is unique and different in size, shape and pattern. You will receive one of the stones pictured OR a stone similar to it in shape, size or pattern.

Please click through all of the images to see the different types of stones available. 

These magical clusters soothe anxiety, stress and panic attacks. They help you know yourself better, by enhancing your self-awareness, inner wisdom, and spirituality. 

If are struggling to let go of what WAS and need to restore your sense of adventure to pursue what CAN BE, pink tourmaline is for you. If you want to cultivate your ability to bravely love again, pink tourmaline can promote the self-love and courage to do it. 

Pink tourmaline has long been thought to hold mystical powers.

In Africa, people believed that the pink stone has the power to awaken their loved ones from the so-called “dream of illusion.” In ancient Indian ceremonies, the pink stone was considered a tool to give people insight on what is right for them, helping them find the cause of their troubles. 

Alchemists believed that the stone is related to the philosopher’s stone, and could bring enlightenment, power over spiritual affairs, attract opposites, and even change base metals to gold. 

Tourmaline is also renowned as the gem of poets, creatives, artists and sensitives.

Even Shakespeare was said to have a small collection of tourmaline jewelry to help him overcome writer's block. Tourmaline is believed to inspire creativity and was used extensively as a talisman by artists and writers from the Renaissance through the Victorian Age.

These gorgeous beings are ready and waiting to bring their inspiration, courage and magic to you.

Each one is absolutely unique and numbers are very limited - so if they call to you, don’t wait! And once they’re gone, they’re gone.