Rainbow Fluorite Points

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You will receive the exact stone pictured Or a stone that is very similar in shape, size and color.  The stone is shown in regular daylight, and held up in the sun. 

Our mix of green and rainbow fluorite towers seem to change every time you look at them - they’re a key to mastering mystery which is why they’re so revered.

Originally found in the tropics of Mexico and balmy Brazil, fluorite brings radiant sun-like energy, reminding you that life can be simple and sublime.

Fluorite lifts the fog so you feel like there’s nothing but blue skies ahead.

Also known as the Genius Stone, fluorite is a mind clearer, cutting through your confusion and fog to allow your true aptitude to shine.

Fluorite fills your space with potent positivity. A crystal emanating sheer joy, she plays with light in magical ways, bringing radiance, luck and abundance into your home.

Expect these towers to imbue you with a sense of spirit and joy, soft calm, deeper sleep, and physical, emotional, and spiritual protection.

Place a tower in every room in your home where you gather with your family or friends this Holiday Season and beyond - or gift them to your hosts!!!!