Master Plant Quantum Drops- Ceremony in a Bottle

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Quantum drops are energetic vibrational plant medicine made just for you. If you’ve worked with sacred plants before - you’ll love this. If you’ve been contemplating them - maybe it’s time.

Choose from:

    1. Ayahuasca- Grandmother
    2. Psilocybin- The Children
    3. San Pedro- Grandfather 
    4. 3 Pack Bundle- You will receive one bottle of Grandmother, one bottle of  Grandfather and one bottle of The Children

Each bottle is 1/2 ounce. 

Quantum drops are a supplement that creates intimacy with Sacred Medicine Plants in a regular ongoing way. The best experiences with these plants come from cultivating relationship. This can enrich your other relationships - with yourself, people in your life, and all beings.

*This product contains all legal substances. Plant medicines are in vibrational quantities.