The Psychedelics Immersion: A Neurologist's Guide to Sacred Plants for Health and Wellbeing

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This training program is for the psychedelically curious to receive a foundational education in both the science and ritual of psychedelic practices. 

Are you ready to…

-Learn about psychedelics from a trusted guide, in an intensive and supportive container?

 -Understand the neuroscience behind psychedelics, so that you can make informed decisions?

-Dive into the latest research about psychedelics and mental wellbeing?

-Connect with ancient and Indigenous practices for preparing, consuming, and integrating plant medicine into your life?

Then this one of a kind training program is for you. Designed with curious students and innovative professionals in mind.

What you’ll learn:

-How psychedelics can transform your physical, neurological, and mental health.

-Newest research on depression, anxiety, addiction, OCD, dementia, cancer and more from major academic centers.

-Benefits of microdosing.

-Sacred practices of preparation, ceremony, and integration.

-The role of Plant Medicines in ancient and indigenous cultures.

Plus, receive:

-8 hours of engaging, research-driven lectures with Q&A Sessions.

 -Access to an online like-minded community on Mighty Networks for ongoing connection and support.

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