Personalized VIP healing day

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I’m offering a personalized shamanic VIP healing day together that I think will be transformative for you on every level, body - mind - spirit.

Weekday Solo VIP days are from 10am-5pm.

Weekend VIP days whether shared or solo contain an optional to attend two hour meet and greet and intention setting circle the day before the full VIP day. The full VIP day then runs from 10am-5pm.

Please choose between a solo day to yourself with Dr. Maya or a shared date with up to 3 other people. Max 4 people allowed at shared VIP days. 

For a payment plan email

Choice of VIP dates will emailed after registration. We are currently booking between November 21st and February 29th.

This will be a full day at my home in NYC, from 10am-5pm, where we can do real-time healing work together that will include an individualized combination of:

  • shamanic clearing
  • reiki
  • ceremonial work with Master Plants including cacao, quantum San Pedro medicine, and others.
  • full body infrared/red light,
  • Infrared sauna,
  • lymphatic vibration therapy,
  • ozone therapy,
  • hyperbaric oxygen,
  • methylene blue,
  • Heart-Math,
  • astrology (including medical astrology if needed),
  • numerology,
  • intuitive counseling,
  • music of the plants session, and
  • partner work to cultivate profound healing and new skills in navigating the invisible world.

What’s wonderful about this is that we can direct the practices to exactly what *you* need in this moment.

You will leave knowing more about your purpose and how to embark the next chapter of your life.

And if you feel you need extra time and guidance to recover body, mind, spirit, there is an option to extend to a second day to amplify and further optimize your process.

The experience you will receive is like nothing else available - you will be cleansed, cleared of unneeded energies past and present, and leave feeling loved up and delicious with new practices and deeper inner knowing.

Organic lunch and snacks as well as healing teas and elixirs will be provided, and you will go home with some sacred tools curated for you to continue the work we begin together that day.