Shetreat (De)Certification Membership

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You are hereby invited to…

  • Land gently in a safe container, so you can meet and honor those tender, emerging parts of you.
  • Enter a mystical portal as you go through your own sacred self initiation.
  • Honor the big questions even when you don’t yet have answers.
  • Deepen your connection to the Earth and the Cosmos through rituals and ceremonies.
  • Take self-care practices to another level.
  • Cultivate your trust in yourself, the guidance that’s all around you, and your relationship with the invisible.

The Shetreat (De)Certification is an unlearning process, a journey to beginner’s mind, and the start of a delicious love affair with mystery.

This membership will offer you: 

  • A strong foundation in ancient practices and cutting edge science underlying intuition, sacred traditions and working with the Earth.
  • Our unique Heads Heart Hands Heal model to help you learn, integrate and incorporate healing practices into your life and work right now.
  • Community calls and benchmarks to help to keep you accountable in achieving your goals.
  • Accessible practices to care not just for your body but for your heart and soul.
  • A rare opportunity to start building a world more aligned with people and the Earth.
What’s Included in the Program:
  • 22 Video Lectures
  • Live Q&A Mentorship Calls
  • At Home Exercises & Rituals
  • Downloadable Audio Meditations
  • Community of Support.
  • Join our private online community. Enjoy access to our private Mighty Networks Group so that you can build friendships with other students, ask questions of Dr. Maya and receive guidance daily.

Learn more about the Shetreat (De)Certification here: