Earth Medicine

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In the Earth Medicine Box, you’ll find:

  • A total of 6 glass vials with cork plugs.
  • Crystals and gems: Four vials will contain assorted crystals, which will include some combination of amethyst, celestite, carnelian, matchstick quartz, fluorite, pyrite, and more. Some will be polished and others will be rough or partially polished. All are beautiful. We invite you to enjoy the beauty and energy of these stones in a state closer to their original form. This is part of our process of re-wilding.
  • A small rough opal, emerald or sapphire included in one of your vials.            
  • Heirloom seeds: Two of your vials will contain two kinds of rare and lovely seeds. In indigenous healing practices, seeds hold unmatched power for transformation, healing and gratitude. We have collected these seeds from plants considered powerful and sacred — colorful varieties of heirloom corn developed by Native communities, Job’s tears (used for rosaries), lotus seeds, or many others. These are non-GMO, organic, and have been preserved for generations. You will receive information about how to grow them if you desire.
  • Lauhala box with lid: The vials will be sent in a beautiful reusable box handwoven from the leaves of the Hala tree. It makes this perfect for gifting to others!

*It’s important to note that each box will have varying seeds, stones and gems of different size, shape and variety. That’s because nothing is mass-produced. Everything is unique and from nature. 

*shipping to continental US only