Earth Medicine Deluxe

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The Earth Medicine Box Deluxe includes: 

  • A total of 6 glass vials with cork plugs filled with crystals, gems and heirloom seeds.
  • Crystals and gems: Four vials will contain assorted crystals, including some combination of amethyst, celestite, carnelian, matchstick quartz, fluorite, pyrite, and more. 
  • Heirloom seeds: Two of your vials will contain two kinds of rare and gorgeous seeds. In indigenous healing practices, seeds are filled with incredible power for transformation, gratitude and healing. These seeds are from plants considered old, powerful and sacred — colorful varieties of heirloom corn, lotus seeds, or more. These seeds come from plant varieties that are non-GMO, organic and have been passed down for generations.
  • Stand alone one-of-a kind wild crystal (labradorite, celestite, smoky or clear quartz). There is no other crystal in the world exactly like the one you receive in your kit. The stone represents the element of earth.
  • A large, iridescent abalone shell to hold your herbs, gems or seeds, your candle or whatever you want. The shell represents the element of water.
  • Mugwort herb, hand-harvested and prepared from Dr. Maya’s garden, to burn or spray. This fragrant wild herb is known to enhance sleep and lucid dreaming, cleanse your space, and offer you protection. The spray or smoke represents the element of air.
  • A small candle and matches to represent the element of fire.
  • A powerful seed, plant piece, or gem in a handwoven lauhala box: We wanted you to have the opportunity to work with rare and magical plants and stones too large to fit in a vial. Your kit may include an African Dream Seed, a polished slice of Ayahuasca branch, or an unpolished emerald slice.  This is for the element of ether, or spirit.
  • Dried anise and a lotus pod so you can engage with the beauty and fragrance of these sacred plants.
  • Moss and mini pine cones as gorgeously sustainable packing material. The moss can become part of your creations and can also be re-planted outdoors or even in the soil of your houseplants. 

 *It’s important to note that each box will have varying seeds, stones and gems of different size, shape and variety. That’s because nothing is mass-produced. Everything is unique and from nature. 

*We intentionally chose to offer rough or partially polished stones over standardized shapes or sizes. This is part of the process of rewilding -- reimmersing ourselves in the beauty of the earth in all of its wild ways. We want you to enjoy the uniqueness of these stones and seeds in ways closer to how they’re found in the wild. 

Each one is magnificent and one-of-a-kind. 

*Shipping to continental US only.

Choose one of these 5 healing combinations: 

1. Special edition Harmonize Energies with Rainbow Calcite. 


2. Calm and Sleep:

 If you’re looking to take it down a few notches (and honestly, who isn’t?!), this is for you. This dreamy combination includes a large blue Celestite crystal, African Dream Seed, and amethysts to help you drop into a delightfully meditative state.

3. Ground and Protect:

 Feel like you’re dealing with toxic people or crappy energy in your home or life? Want to see that change? Time to set up some unbreakable boundaries, baby! With this combination that includes a smoky or clear quartz cluster, black tourmaline chunks, and a raw emerald slice, get ready to clean your heart and home and move forward from a strong and centered place. It’s time to find your inner badass —  nobody’s gonna be able to mess with you!

4. Inspire and Manifest:  

Ready to move and shake and embrace all that’s possible for you in the coming year? If so, you’ll want this magnificent combination that includes iridescent labradorite, a polished slice of the magical ayahuasca vine, and matchstick quartz.

5. Mystery Stone!

Dr. Maya will hand select the large stone to go inside your kit for you. It could be one of the 4 above OR a totally different one. (Possible stones include: Fire Quartz, Bumblee Jasper, Pink Tourmaline, Green Tourmaline, Malachite).